Pests and Diseases-the new edition by Pippa Greenwood and Andrew Halstead

Where ever you garden, be it by yourself, in a community, or with friends on an allotment, pests and diseases will always be an issue and whilst good eco system management, which is just a posh way of saying wildlife gardening, will keep pests and diseases manageable I hope, even the best of us have the odd issue, or see something we aren't quite sure about and need support with. There are of course lots of books on the market, so i was thrilled when the good folks at Dorling Kindersley sent me the updates RHS Pests and Diseases book. 

Written originally 20 years ago this has always been my go to book in all honesty, and the update has done just that-brought it into 2018! It has a brilliant gallery where photos clearly show you the problems you might be finding and send you to the necessary page to find a solution, and what is most interesting is that the emphasis is on organic controls rather than chemicals which is a change from the original I think, and refreshing to see as part of a book endorsed by the RHS. 

Written by the inimitable Pippa Greenwood of Gardeners Question Time amongst a myriad of other things, and the now retired Andrew Halstead who was for years chief entomologist at the RHS, the authors bring a deep understanding of the pest and diseases of the UK to the book. The book is cleverly put together to be really useable and support practical , hands on gardeners to cope with whatever the issue they are facing. And whilst there are probably a few things missing I couldn't find any glaring omissions. 

I would also add that all community gardens need a library of books and I have to say that this is one I would strongly recommend!! I'll be updating with other books I would recommend as we go, but if you have a go to, feel free to let me know.