For many years I have been a horticulturalist, garden and nursery consultant, blogger, garden writer and activist. I believe the last of that list is possibly the most important and over the last few years that work has led me to founding and running a community organisation, Incredible Edible Bristol, joining the national Incredible Edible board and generally working to support people, be that as individuals or communities, to begin to garden and grow.

Prior to that I worked in nurseries for many years, growing plants, working with people, and supporting good horticultural practices. I have worked on both conventional and organic systems, and I always felt my biggest thrill was being allowed to work with a huge range of people to turn 40 acres of conventional nursery over to an organic system. I am a passionate garden historian, interested, of course, in people and how they have gardened and been in gardens over the centuries, and how they have used plants and gardens in their lives. And I am a passionate conservationist, and deeply believe that we need to work hard as gardeners to ensure the industry that surrounds us is as environmentally friendly as it must be moving forwards, and takes it's environmental responsibilities seriously. 

The aim of setting up this site is to bring all that work into one place. Having blogged as The Physic Blogger for years, it's time to move on and create a space for me and for the communities I want to support to find their own voices, whether they are individual people, communities groups, gardens supporting change........everyone is welcome as long as their methods and ethos is that of kindness to people and planet. It will host my blog, but it also hosts a blog to celebrate people and communities who garden for more than just themselves.......

This is a space to celebrate the extraordinary. From new allotment holders wanting to shout to the rooftops picking their first tomato, to the brave folks of who open their gardens for the National Gardens Scheme, from community supported agriculture projects to school gardens, from community gardens and spaces to hospital and hospice gardens, to gardens supporting people in crisis to meanwhile gardens, this space is yours to use, to shout from and to shout about. 

So if you'd like to get involved, use the contact page and let's chat!!